Dr. Omar Watson

In the realm of oral and facial surgery, technical skills and credentials are important as a professional. It is the journey, the struggles, the growth, and the unwavering commitment that motivates me to share, encourage, and continue to pursue excellence.

Notable Lectures

  • Pain management and the Opioid Crisis

    About the physiology of pain, the pharmacology of pain medications, treatment options, and the Opioid Crisis.

  • My GPS: Guided Path to Success

    Navigating potential challenges and obstacles for success in the journey to becoming a successful health practitioner.

  • Anesthetic Considerations for the Pediatric Patient

    Discuss anesthetic standards and management considerations for pediatric patients in the oral and maxillofacial surgical office

“When all is said and done, I want my legacy to be more than just the surgeries I’ve performed or the academic credentials I’ve achieved. I want it to be about the lives I’ve touched, the paths I have helped to illuminate, and the barriers I have contributed to shattering. If I can do my part to pave the way for aspiring dentists and oral surgeons—that will be the true measure of my success.”

Dr. Omar Watson